Board of Directors

The SSO Board of Directors collaboratively supports our musicians, staff, corporate partners and the community at large, to help ensure a strong foundation — and an equally strong future for the Springfield Symphony Orchestra.

Tony Falcetti, Chair of Management Committee

Paul Friedmann, MD, Vice President, Vice Chair of Management Committee

Robyn A. Newhouse, Ph.D., Chair

Peter Thomsen, Vice President, Education & Programming

Attorney Ronald Weiss, Clerk & General Counsel

Jim Birchall

Andrew Cade

Cynthia Campbell

Ali Fazaeli

Marsha Harbison

Marge Mantoni

Evan Plotkin

Advisory Board

Mary Adler, MD
Tom Bergeron
Marcos Carreras
Stewart E. Creelman
David Gang, MD
Michael Gorajec
Attorney Elizabeth Ginter-Healy
Martin S. Kluger
Paul Marchese
Jack McQuade
Stephen Perry
Kevin Sharpe
Michael Sorrell, MD
Lynn Sussman