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In-school ensemble performances are a great way to give kids an up-close and personal introduction to classical music and professional musicians. These performances inspire music students to strive for excellence and consider music as a career choice or simply as a source for life-long learning and enjoyment. The SSO will design an event to fit any school’s budget. Programs range from a full day residency with members of our orchestra visiting classrooms and interacting with students using games and activities that teach musical terms and encourage interdisciplinary correlations between STEM subjects and music, to a 30-minute live performance by a chamber music ensemble.

In-school ensemble performances can be scheduled in conjunction with the Education Connection Youth Concerts, as a supplement your to school’s curriculum or organizational activities. Comprised of SSO musicians, ensembles available for in-school performances include our Woodwind Quintet, Brass Quintet, Percussion Trio, and String Quartet.

Please contact our Education Director, Caitlin Meyer for more information.

Grants for all SSO Educational Programs may be available through the Massachusetts Cultural Council via your Local Cultural Council and/or your Local Cultural Council’s PASS program. For information, visit the MCC website or call the MCC at 1-800-232-0960.