Reimagining Your Symphony

A Message from Susan Beaudry

“Challenging times can be a great teacher, and though this global pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt, it has also propelled us into new musical endeavors and taught us some invaluable lessons. Like a grand pause in music — a momentary space between notes used to make the listener reflect on and anticipate what comes next — this temporary pause in the daily life of the SSO has given us a much-needed opportunity for reflection.

We have been reminded that everything we do as an organization, from presenting incredible music on the concert stage to developing engaging education programming, is designed to lift our audience and enhance our community. We responded to this global event by tapping into our performance potential to offer you music, demonstrations, and lectures even though we could not be together. We understand the healing power of music, and from the warm reception our online programs received, we are committed to providing you with ongoing virtual entertainment. Stay tuned as we explore new and interesting ways to continue to bring you the music of the SSO.

We are humbled by the incredible generosity you have shown us during the crisis.

We cannot wait to get back to what we do best — sharing the joy of live orchestral music with you.

~ Susan Beaudry, Executive Director