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Musicians Celebrating 40 Years with the SSO

By October 16, 2023November 6th, 2023No Comments

As we began our 80th season, we took a special moment to appreciate the musicians who have graced our stage for the past four decades or more. It’s not just the number of years, but the commitment, passion, and sheer excellence they have showcased as longtime members of the Orchestra that we admire.

Over the years, each of these musicians has offered their input, ideas, and talent to make us a stronger and more dynamic Symphony Orchestra. Every concert, every note they’ve played, has become a part of the collective memory of our patrons and the wider SSO community. While the orchestra is a blend of many, the contributions of these seasoned members provide a robust foundation for our symphony to thrive upon.

Thank you to these fantastic musicians for your commitment and for helping shape the Springfield Symphony Orchestra into the beloved institution it is today. We look forward to many more harmonious years together!

Full list of musicians celebrating 40 years with the SSO:

Anne-Marie Chubet
Michael Gorajec
Jean Gress
James Gustafson
Marsha Harbison
Carol Hutter
Leo Kenen
Lynn Klock
Martin Kluger
Robert Lawrence
Salvatore Macchia
Glenn Mayer
Martha McAdams
Joel Meginsky
Stephen Perry
Dana Russian
Delores Thayer
Beth Welty
Karen Wilson
Masako Yanagita