SSO’s Love Notes Contest

Share your love story for a chance to WIN a special Love On Broadway Package with tickets to our February 22nd concert, dinner before the show at PICKS, and overnight accommodations at the Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place in our Love Notes contest!

We want to hear the story of how you fell in love. Write it up in 250 words or less and share it with us on Facebook by tagging SpringfieldSymphonyOrchestra using the hashtags #LoveMySymphony and #SSOLoveNotes. You can post your entry on your own page or on ours –

The contest will run until February 14th so get your entry posted soon!

Who are the Judges?

We have three celebrity judge couples participating in this contest. After the contest ends on February 14th, each couple will select their favorite love story. The three finalists will be evaluated by the SSO staff and a winner will be chosen on February 18th. Read more about our judges:

Denise & Justin Hurst
Denise tells their story:
Justin and I both grew up in the city of Springfield and actually attended Springfield Central High School with one another. We are often asked if we were high school sweethearts and I jokingly say, “no, I only dated Varsity”! Justin was a year ahead of me, but we did know of one another.In April 2000, a surprise to each of us, we pledged a brother/sister fraternity and sorority. He, Omega Psi Phi, at the University of Virginia, and me, Delta Sigma Theta, at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In July of that year there was the infamous “Greek Fest” held in Philadelphia. After four years of not seeing or likely not even thinking of one another, our paths crossed at a Philadelphia park with hundreds of college students. We exchanged congratulatory hugs on our new memberships in to these historical Greek organizations, snapped a few photos and went on our way.As life would have it, in 2004, our paths would cross again… Read more

Brian Lapis and Mary Nelson
Here’s their story:
We first met at Silver Lake Conference Center and Summer Camp in Sharon, CT. Brian was a volunteer for the day (Mary says: He did a great job explaining the composting program!), and Mary was a chaplain for the week (Brian: I was attracted to her bright smile and relentless optimism). We didn’t have much chance to connect, but we chatted long enough to establish that we’re both lifelong members of the United Church of Christ, and care about the same things  justice, the environment, and well-run meetings… Read more

Michelle & Peter Wirth
Michelle tells their story:
Our story begins at Mercedes-Benz. I was working in PR at MBUSA and Peter in Product Management at Daimler in Germany. He came to the US in 2003 to help launch the SLR, an all-carbon-fiber super sports car to be introduced in the US market soon after. We met in the basement of “building 3” (along with the rest of the PR department) where Peter and his boss, Rob, were all set up to give us a first look and deep dive into the special car that had yet to be revealed to the US media. I was one of the last people to arrive at the meeting along with a few others. I immediately saw the silver sports car parked in the middle of the basement garage and all my colleagues milling around it, heard Rob kick off the meeting, looked up and I saw Peter appear from behind Rob and begin speaking. I looked up, looked into his eyes and melted. (Is this what they call “love at first sight”?) Read more

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