Nourishment for the Soul

A Message from Maestro Kevin Rhodes

“Just as the Springfield Symphony Orchestra, like society in general, has picked itself up after world wars, terrorist attacks, recessions, tornadoes, and every other imaginable setback, so will it again rise phoenix-like from the ashes of this terrible moment in human history to provide the kind of soul-nourishing and uplifting communal experiences for which the organization is famous and has a justifiably long history of doing. Indeed once we are able to resume activities, I am confident there will be a renewed appreciation for the act of coming together that will add an incredible dimension to every performance.

Much is made these days about what is called an essential business and what that means. While from a safety standpoint we are not categorized as an essential business by the Commonwealth and have been told we must wait for the highest level of clearance before resuming activities, I remain steadfast in maintaining that music and the arts ARE essential and am constantly reminded just HOW essential art and entertainment are in these days especially.

I cannot wait to provide our listeners once again with the singular beauty and power of live music.”

~ Kevin Rhodes, Music Director and Conductor