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The Forever Symphony! endowment campaign for the Springfield Symphony Orchestra has raised more than $2,053,000 towards its goal of $3.5 million in funds that will support innovative programming, excellence of musicianship, and outreach to school children and audiences new and diverse.

Please help us ensure that this extraordinary, powerful and cultural treasure continues to uplift spirits, challenge minds and heal souls for generations to come – join those who have supported the Campaign!

For more information regarding the Forever Symphony! Endowment, contact Heather Gawron at (413) 733-0636 x118.

Anonymous (6)
Drs. Louis and Mary Adler
Richard and Debra Anderson
Lucy and Bob Atkinson
Ruth Auerbach
J.D. Ayers
Vera S. and David S. Baker
Andrew Balder and Cynthia Sommer
Dr. and Mrs.* Douglas Barnshaw
Joan and Peter Beardsley
Sanford and Elizabeth Belden
Richard and Rochelle Benoit
Bob* and Betsy Bergen
Kitty and Jay Berger
Sy and Sara Berger
Barbara C. Bernard
Dr. and Mrs. Angelo Bilionis
Ken and Rosalie Boutin
Elbert and Bernice Bowler
Dr.* and Mrs. Samuel Brendler
Carl and Mary Breyer
Madge and William Briggs
Silvia and Robert Brinkerhoff
Laura Broad in memory of Kenneth Broad
Doris P. Brodeur
Peter Brunette
Maria and Craig Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Burrall, Jr.
Thomas and Kathleen Burton
Andrea Canavan in honor of Mary Ellen Scott
Dr. Anthony Caprio in honor of Tom Burton
Michael and Trina Cardello in memory of Janee Friedmann
John and Pam Chandler
Dr. and Mrs. David L. Clinton
Shera Cohen
Mrs. Donald F. Collins
Richard B. and Judith M. Collins
Michael and Maureen Cotter
Anne Cotton
Nancy and Tom Creed
Stewart and Carol Creelman
Christina Cronin andMark Langevin
Julian and Roberta Crowell
Elizabeth and Charles D’Amour
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dane
Dr. and Mrs. Demosthenes Dasco
The Irene E. and George A. Davis Foundation
John and Robyn Davis
The Ramona and Steven Davis
Charitable Foundation
Oliver and Gundel Deex
The Reverend Michael DeVine and Mariana Bauman
Dr. and Mrs. John DeWeese
Mary and Sandy Dibble
George and Sherry Dickerman
George Dickstein in memory of his wife
John Michael Discenza
John and Lauri Doleva
Donald Donermeyer
Dr. Jennifer Dorantes
John and Janet Egelhofer
Polly C. Ehrgood
Arthur and Barbara Elkins
Jane and Richard Engelman
Don and Nancy Evans
Ruth Farnsworth
Linda Fibich in honor of David and Peggy Starr’s 65th Anniversary
Dondi Fiorentino
Drs. Roxanne Florence and Christopher Otis
Eleanor Freedman
Dr. Paul Friedmann
Ken and Karen Furst
T. Mark Futter*
Paula and John Gallup
Dr. David Gang and Roberta Hillenberg-Gang
Jane and Edward Garabedian
Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Gardner
Barbara J. and James J. Garvey
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Gerstle
Pierre-Philippe Girard in memory of Dr. Marc and Mrs. Francine Girard
Michael and Kristine Gregory
Jean Gress~
Jay Griffin
The Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation
Marcia and Dick Haas
Roger and Dorothy Haley
Florence R. Hammond
Marsha~ and William Harbison
Charles and Irene Hayward
Tom and Jane Hazen
Sue Heller and Richard Sirkin
Joseph and Kristina Houghton
Mary and Philip Houser
Whiting and Helene Houston
Carol Hutter~
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore Ingis
Charlie Johnson
Gayle and Arvind Karnik
Ms. Thea Katsounakis
Jeffrey Kauffman
George and Jackie Keady
Leo Kenen~
Judith B. Killeen
Kenneth and Carol Kinsley
Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Kirkwood
Ed and Eleanor Klepacki Charitable Fund
Mr.~ and Mrs. Martin Kluger
Muriel Kowlessar, M.D.
Elaine M. Kregaloh
Dr. and Mrs. Alan and Nola Kulig
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Labine
Thomas and Lucille Langrell
Lynne and Aaron Leavitt
Corinne V. LeMay
Bob and Linda Levitt
Adrian and Virginia Levsky
Judith Lichwan and Patrick Deluhery
Attorney Stanley R. Light
C. Peter and Maija Z. Lillya
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Liptzin
Leo and Dot Lortie
Anthony P. Lovell Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lovelock
Dr. Victoria Luftman
Betsy and Larry Lundy Charitable Fund
T. G. and M.B. Magill in honor of Tony Lovell
Ali Mahra
Anna and Paul Mancinone
Barbara J. Mancuso
Ann and John Mann
Michele and Steven Marantz
Paul and Carolyn Marchese
Julie Marden~
Jennie and Ben Markens
Margie J. Matuck
Glenn Mayer~
Martha June McAdams~
Robert S. McCarroll
Jim and Ardie* McEathron
Mr. and Mrs. Austin McKeon
L. Aaron and Cynthia Mendelson
Stephen and Sandra Metz
Charlotte Meyer
Richard Mickey~ and Nancy Salz
Vivian Miller and Carey Dash
Sue and Bill* Monks
Stephen Moore
John and Hatsumi Moss
Dr. and Mrs. Alan B. Munro
Dr. Stephen P. Naber and Ms. Janice G. Porter Naber
Edward and Christine Napolski
Robyn Newhouse, Ph.D.
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Nieske
Barbara Noah and Christopher Gerard
Elizabeth Odell
Walter and Patricia Olechna
Mr. and Mrs. David Olsen
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Osofsky
Charles Page
Peter and Kate Pappas
Cecily C. Perez
Judd and Rhoda Peskin
Kevin and Christine Phillips in honor of Mary Ellen Scott
Joyce and David Pierangelo
Mrs. Norbert Platzer
Mrs. Cecile L. Ploran
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Plotkin
Mark and Julie Pohlman
Mary Polom in honor of Dr. Anthony Polom
Patricia C. Powers
Lois and Donald Prescott
Jim and Jane Punderson
Debra and Dick Purrington
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Raimondi
Ellen Redman~
John A. Reed
Edward and Virginia Reiter
Jane and Kevin Rhodes
Jonathan and Susan Rice
Mrs. Audrey Rich in honor of Dr. J. Gordon Rich
Marilyn M. Riddle
Rodney and Ann Baker Riker
Mr. and Mrs. James Rintoul
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roberge
Mary and Dean Rogeness
Joan Rosenbaum
Dr. Erik and Joanna Rosenthal
Frederic and Delight Rothery
Dr. and Mrs. John Rousou
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Rowland
Mr. Dana Russian~
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ryall
Charles and Joan Ryan
Diane Dipiero-Saia
Jonathan and Tani Sapirstein
Marcelle Sarrasin
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scott
Mary Ellen and Roy A. Scott
Irene and George Sergentanis
Jean C. Sessions
Lucy and Dwight Shepard
James and Regina Shriver
Dr. and Mrs. Robert H.H. Simon
Gary and Patty Smith
Michael and Jennell Sorrell
Grace E. Sperling
SSO Musician
Peggy and David Starr
Peter J. Stasz
Mrs. Frederick A. Stebbins
Marie M. Stebbins
Albert Steiger Memorial Fund
Michael and Jane Stenning
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Stephens*
Richard and Carol Sullivan
Michael~ and Lynn~ Sussman
Neil Swinton and Laurie Gianturco
Hugh and Sarah Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Teixeira
Carolyn Tetrault
Deborah and Harry Thomas
Gary and Jay Thomas
Mark Tolosky and Noreen Diperri Tolosky
Jim and Elaine Tourtelotte
C. David and Jean M. Trader
Bruce and Nancy Urbschat
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert Waleryszak
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Walker
Gary S. Watson
Ruth K. Webber*
Ronald and Janet Weiss
Ruth Weiss
Dr. Paul and Marianne Welch
Beth Welty~
Nadine and Steven Wenner
Marcus and Joan White
Anna G. Whitton in recognition of Bill and Cindy Burke
Halina P. Wiczyk, M.D. and James S. Rosenthal, M.D.
Charles Wilkinson in memory of Barbara Wilkinson
Dudley and Judith Williams
Amanda and Cate Wilson
Michael David Wiseman
Stephen and Sally Wittenberg in memory of Tony Lovell
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Woods
Ruth R. Yanne
James YoungAroxy Zacarian
The Estate of Rebekah Baitler
The Estate of Betty Lane
The Estate of Sally Malkasian
The Estate of Elizabeth Skinner
Babson Capital Matching Gift Fund
Bank of America Matching Gift Foundation
Baystate Health
Chicopee Savings Bank
Hampden Bank Charitable Foundation
Merrill Lynch Matching Gift Foundation
Meyers Brothers Kalicka, P.C.
Pride Stations and Stores
Smith & Wesson
Southworth Paper Company
St. Germain Investment Management
United Bank Foundation
Yankee Candle Company, Inc.

~ Orchestra Member