Love Notes Judges: Brian Lapis & Mary Nelson

Brian and Mary are helping the SSO judge the Love Notes contest. Here’s their story:

We first met at Silver Lake Conference Center and Summer Camp in Sharon, CT. Brian was a volunteer for the day (Mary says: He did a great job explaining the composting program!), and Mary was a chaplain for the week (Brian: I was attracted to her bright smile and relentless optimism). We didn’t have much chance to connect, but we chatted long enough to establish that we’re both lifelong members of the United Church of Christ, and care about the same things  justice, the environment, and well-run meetings.

A few months later, we saw each other again at a fundraiser for Silver Lake. We clean up nicely when we’re not in camp clothes! Brian was the emcee for the night, and Mary, an ordained UCC minister in Connecticut, was there to connect with pastors. (Brian: After I was done announcing the auction winners, I was able to finagle a glass of wine with Mary) (Mary: I’m always looking for ways to support my churches, but all I wanted to do was hang out with this cute guy from Massachusetts) At the end of the night we exchanged phone numbers, and Mary helped Brian carry decorations to his car. (Brian: I was so distracted, I lost my favorite tux shoes — I drove off with them still on the roof of my car!)

Since that day, we have been driving back and forth between CT and MA. We’ve shared each other’s sports (Mary: Someday he will get a lighter bike! Brian: Someday she’ll be able to ski parallel!), discovered lots of great restaurants together, and traveled all over the eastern seaboard. We’ve fallen in love with the SSO, and have been season ticket holders for two years. Between us, we have one cat, two children, and three bicycles.

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