A Message from Maestro Kevin Rhodes

Among the professions most impacted by this very necessary shut down of society are the performing arts, and some of the hardest hit artists are freelance musicians. Many people don’t understand that the SSO musicians are the best freelancers from all around the northeast, and put together their incomes from a variety of sources, none of which are currently in operation, with no clear resume-date in sight. These amazing musicians do what they do for the love of music and the love of playing for people who appreciate what they do. It is certainly however something which does not fill up the savings account with lots of excess to cover months of unemployment due to the current situation.

It is in this climate that the SSO is pleased to announce the establishment of a Musicians‘ Relief Fund, to help the incredible artists who come to Springfield and play for you. The majority of these musicians have been making the journey to Springfield (only about a dozen live within an hour of Springfield, most about 2-4 hours away) to create the beautiful music and educational experiences they do for about 25-30 years. They need us, the greater Springfield community, now more than ever. Your contribution to this fund will help those musicians put food on the table for them and their families, pay mortgages and rent, keep cars functioning (so when it’s over they can get back in the car and drive to Springfield!), and all those other day to day things everyone knows you need money to accomplish!

I am personally asking you to consider making a contribution to this fund to help make sure the musicians of the SSO are still there, ready to play for you live again once we‘re through these challenging times.


Kevin Rhodes
Music Director

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